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About Us

At Claim It Inc., we are a dedicated team established from a legacy that spans back to 1983 within the roofing and construction realm. Having spent over two decades honing our skills and expertise within this sector, we made a strategic decision to transition our knowledge and experience to the insurance industry. This pivotal move led us to become licensed insurance adjusters in 2005, marking the beginning of a new chapter in our professional journey.

Our journey began in the trenches of field claims, where we garnered firsthand experience in the complexities and nuances of assessing damages and facilitating the claims process. Over time, our commitment to excellence and our passion for the industry propelled us to shift our focus to in-office claims management. Drawing upon our extensive experience in the field, we swiftly ascended into management roles, accumulating nearly two decades of collective expertise working with numerous esteemed insurance carriers.

It was through this wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the intricacies inherent in both the roofing/construction and insurance domains that we recognized a critical need in the industry. This realization fueled our decision to establish Claim It Inc. Our primary aim at Claim It Inc. is to serve as a vital link, forging stronger connections between roofing, construction companies, and the intricate world of insurance claims.

Our in-depth understanding of Xactimate, the industry-standard software for estimating, positions us uniquely to assist companies in crafting accurate estimates and identifying any missing components within existing claims for comprehensive supplements. By leveraging our specialized knowledge and practical experience gained over decades, we strive to streamline the claims process, ensuring precision, efficiency, and satisfaction for our clients.

At Claim It Inc. our foundation is built upon integrity, expertise, and a relentless commitment to providing tailored solutions that empower roofing and construction companies throughout their claims journey. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between industries, offering unparalleled support, and enabling seamless interactions between businesses and insurance providers.

Join us at Claim It Inc. and experience the difference that decades of industry-specific knowledge and unwavering dedication can make in optimizing your claims processes.

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