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We are extension of your company, use us when you need us at very little cost to you!
We are the fulltime employee you need but do not want to pay full time wages, we only get paid when you get paid.


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Why You Should Hire Xactimate Estimate Writers

  • Finding all the missing pieces to your supplement estimates.
  • Writing a professional estimate with the right components to complete the job.
  • Increasing your profit margin with no additional $ out of your pocket.
  • Freeing up your company/employees time so they can sell more jobs.
  • We are a team that consists of professional insurance adjusters as well as experienced contractors with expertise in claim and supplement writing.

Who We Are

A Team

That is committed to optimizing your financial gains and ensuring the retrieval of rightfully owed funds.


Highly skilled in handling Xactimate insurance claims estimate related to hail, wind, lightning, and fire, boasting extensive expertise from over two decades of hands-on and office-based experience in the field of claims management.


Proficient in assessing both residential and commercial properties, our meticulous Xactimate estimators ensure not only the recovery of owed amounts for your company but also identify additional items that you may not be aware of.


Skilled in insurance policy analysis, streamlined processes, build back/ restoration procedures, and experienced in remodeling construction, we possess the expertise to identify and secure what is rightfully owed to both you and your customers.


When we first looked at using Claim It services we thought we were chopping up our bottom line profits, well we were wrong! Claim It’s experienced staff saved us so many hours of non productive time dealing with all the details in filing claims with the insurance companies as well as resolving all of the issues that always come up. This allowed us to focus on the work that we do best. Thank you Claim It for taking the burden away from us and inevitably making us more money by having the time to complete more jobs and increase our overall sales !

Bob Johnson, owner Mountain Roofing technologies

When it came to filing the claim, keeping it organized with the insurance company and the Customer. Claim it handled the whole process for us. The process went very smooth and was efficiently handled.
The pros at Claim It made it easy for us to do what we do best!

John , Sunshine Roofing
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